Kirwan Family Practice endeavours to be on time for all patient appointments. If you believe that your appointment may be any of the following, please book an Long Consultation:
- Complex Medical Condition
- Medical Examination
- Mental Health Consultation
- More than one issue to discuss with your doctor (on occasions your Doctor may request a second appointment) 

If you are unsure whether the appointment will take a long time or not, ask the reception and they will be able to confirm if you need a longer appointment. 

Consultations are by appointment time only; however, cases of an emergency or an emergency telephone call will be promptly dealt with first. On The Day appointments are also held each week and are released at 8:00am each morning. 


Practice Hours:

- Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm
- Public Holidays closed
- Seasonal holidays may affect these times


Appointment/Consultation Times:

- Short: 5-10minutes
- Standard: 15minutes
- Long: 30 minutes
- Extended: > 30 minutes

Please be sure to specify which doctor you would like to see and the length of consultation that you will be requiring at the time of booking.

New Patients:

We are no longer accepting new patients.

Returning Patients:

It's been a while? We ask that if you have not been to see your GP within the past 6 months that you are sure to update any details with the reception on arrival to your appointment.


Other Information:

Our Doctors are also assisted by a Practice Nurse who may be involved in your care for new patients, care plans, immunisations, wound care or attending to emergency patients. Wherever possible, our Practice Nurse is available to receive calls. However, consultations cannot take place over the telephone so you may require a follow-up consultation. Our reception staff are available to make bookings and to assist you as required.