Dangerous Goods, Commercial & Trucksafe Medicals

Dangerous Goods, Commercial & Trucksafe Medicals are health assessments that improve the safety for all drivers of vehicles, including but not limited to:
- Trucks
- Public Passenger Vehicles, (i.e. buses, taxes, limousines) 
- Vehicles which carry Dangerous Goods, (i.e. gas or chemicals)

There are various health conditions that can affect a commercial driver’s ability to drive safely, for example:

- Blackouts or fainting
- Vision problems
- Heart disease
- Epilepsy
- Sleep disorders
- Diabetes
- Psychiatric disorders
- Neurological disorders
- Age-related declines

Click HERE to view the Trucksafe Medical Paperwork,

Click HERE to view the Dangerous Goods health assessment,

Click HERE to view the Commercial Drivers Licence health assessment,

HERE is the Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver, which is part of both Dangerous Goods and Commercial Medical assessments.